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Modelling in Fusion 360

An introduction to 3D modelling in Fusion 360 to help you build more advanced models and projects.


Introduction to CAD

A basic introduction to CAD so you can learn it's history, importance and how you can use it yourself.

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See how University College London uses Fabrio

Students this year used Smart Check for their assessments. All they had to do was work through the Assessment and click Submit once they were happy.

Fabrio’s Smart Check took care of the rest, saving Dr Peach hundreds of hours of marking, as it assessed students’ work instantly directly within Fusion 360. Students’ marks are easy to access through our convenient dashboard.

Reclaim hundreds of hours with Fabrio! Spend your time where it matters most, and let us handle the marking.

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Introducing CAD Assist

Your AI Assistant in Fusion 360
CAD Assist

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What people say about Fabrio

Fabrio took me step-by-step through every part of the design which was really helpful… Knowing how well I’d done on that assignment, helped me with the rest of the courses

- Soyoung Park, UCL Student

Since implementing Fabrio, my Year 10 students are approximately 2-3 months ahead of their peers from previous years in terms of CAD knowledge as they are now able to study independently at home.

- Matt Hodgkinson, Secondary School Teacher

The benefit of Fabrio is that students can access the tutorials at their own pace and pace, without feeling the pressure of others working around them.

- Rhys, Bath Spa University

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