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February 8, 2023


Jay Sahnan

CEO, Fabrio

Our ‘what is the future of STEM education?’ blog, we wrote with Twinkl, looked at how STEM education can and should be improved. We discussed the importance of STEM, and how it could be made more accessible to students. 

As a EdTech company, we aim to support the teaching and learning of Fusion 360 - a CAD software. Just like Twinkl, Fabrio is committed to helping those who teach. 

In our blog today, we wanted to broaden our scope and highlight other STEM organisations in the UK and STEM initiatives that are improving STEM education for both teachers and pupils. 

The STEM Club 

Created by Secondary school teacher, Martin, this STEM initiative is all about encouraging children to be inquisitive when learning STEM subjects. The STEM Club aims to make STEM learning interactive and stimulating for parents and children - who said experiments were just for school? The STEM educational toys, games, and activities found on this site aim to help children see the larger picture of STEM. By helping children understand the relevance of STEM, children are motivated to continue learning outside of the classroom.

Why do they deserve a mention? Both Fabrio and Twinkl aim to support learning both in and out of the classroom. The STEM Club helps bring concepts and theory taught in lessons to life. Children can explore their interests and figure out questions by playing and interacting with the STEM educational toys and games. This is a fantastic STEM initiative, especially for younger children.

STEM Learning 

A strong commitment to STEM education is at the heart of STEM Learning. The aim of this initiative is to help pupils and teachers have positive STEM interactions. This is done by offering a STEM Ambassador Programme, supporting teacher CPD and creating bespoke collaborations between schools and STEM companies. STEM Learning supplies STEM education courses and materials for primary, secondary and A Level teachers. 

Why do they deserve a mention? STEM Learning is an enriching initiative that helps bring STEM professionals, resources, equipment into the school environment. With their support, students receive an invigorating insight into STEM careers and can develop their skills in the STEM clubs. STEM Learning will help you understand how STEM education improves student learning. 

Institute of Imagination 

The Institute of Imagination is a London-based charity, with international outreach. This ingenious charity helps bring students’ imagination to life, by supplying immersive learning experiences for primary school children. 

Through the iOi’s school programme, schools can receive digital and physical resources, STEM education courses, training for teachers and livestream workshops. 

Why do they deserve a mention? They are making STEM education accessible, by providing sensory stimulation and encouraging children’s creativity. They embrace and support children’s different learning styles, making STEM more accessible. 


STEMunity aims to harness the power of community, and bring educators and pupils together through a shared vision and goal. STEMunity aims to make STEM accessible to everyone by celebrating diversity and focusing on potential. They are transforming the sector by connecting STEM education organisations in local communities to universities and industry professionals. 

Why do they deserve a mention? Similarly to Twinkl and Fabrio, STEMunity realises that improving STEM education requires both teachers and students to be supported and encouraged. 


Stemettes is a social enterprise that works with women, girls and non-binary people across the UK and Ireland. Through workshops, they want to engage, inform and connect people and inspire them to pursue STEM education courses. They want to increase representation of women and non-binary people in STEM, making it more accessible to the future generation. 

Why do they deserve a shoutout? Whether you’re a student, parent/guardian, teacher or company you can benefit from Stemettes’ programmes. They will give young women and non-binary people the opportunity to access talks and workshops on STEM. 

All About STEM 

All About STEM work on projects across the North West that connect schools with STEM businesses and industry experts. They recognise how STEM education improves student learning and aim to support the learning development of all pupils. All About STEM organises volunteers to speak at schools, host events (such as career fairs) and provide information to schools. This STEM initiative works hard to inspire the future STEM specialists/workers. 

Why do they deserve a mention? They are breaking barriers between schools and industry experts. Their work enables students to hear from STEM professionals. 

Neon Futures

Neon Futures inspires pupils and provides teachers with real-world examples from the world of engineering. They supply teachers with career resources and engineering activities. They make it easier for teachers to show pupils how engineering impacts everyday life, by using real world situations via case studies. 

Why do they deserve a mention? The Neon Futures guides and booklets make engineering accessible to not only students, but parents as well. They support cross curricular education and provide information on all the sectors engineering impacts.  


ASE is a professional community dedicated to making science teaching and learning excellent. They highlight the importance of inspiring students through good teachers and industry experts. They want to make a positive impact on science education by creating a space for science professionals to voice their ideas. 

Why do they deserve a mention? They are dedicated to supporting educators and advocating for science education. They offer help with STEM education courses and want to make them available to everyone.

How to STEM

Primary school teacher, Emily, has combined STEM and creativity when creating interactive and visually stunning resources. From her own experience, pupils can easily feel disengaged when learning STEM. Her hope is that by making it relevant to their lives, pupils feel motivated to learn and follow their curiosity. Emily hopes to see more visible links between employers and primary schools, as it’s never too early for children to make connections between what is taught in school and the wider world. By inviting in STEM role models we help to raise children's aspirations, break down stereotypes and help children to see how their learning is relevant to their futures. The How to STEM resources show teachers and parents that you don't need to be a STEM expert to deliver high quality STEM activities. That's why each activity comes with a child-friendly explanation of the learning and links to conceptually similar careers.

Why do they deserve a mention? Recognising disengagement in STEM and wanting to change this, is what makes this STEM initiative noteworthy. How to STEM has helped STEM become accessible to primary school pupils. 

Are you looking for STEM resources? The STEM initiatives in the UK, spotlighted in this blog can provide you and your young learners with STEM educational toys, engaging resources and enjoyable activities. You can use them alongside Twinkl’s collection of resources, to reinforce pupils’ understanding. Once children have a strong interest and basis of knowledge why not encourage them to have a go at designing objects using Fabrio’s platform? Children can begin by designing a simple plant pot or a table tennis bat. Once they have developed an understanding of Fusion 360 you can challenge them to design a fidget spinner or chess piece. You can use a learning resource that suits your time requirements and chosen level of difficulty. Or use one of the pathway courses, to give your children a comprehensive foundation to build on.

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