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Free Download: Autodesk Fusion Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet

July 11, 2024


Anirudh Vadiyampeta

COO, Fabrio

In today's fast-paced digital world, efficiency is key, especially when using complex software like Fusion 360. One effective way to enhance productivity is by mastering keyboard shortcuts. These combinations allow you to execute commands quickly, making tasks more intuitive and saving time. Educators can significantly benefit from teaching students these shortcuts, helping them to work more naturally and efficiently.

This guide focuses on keyboard shortcuts within Fusion 360. Learning these shortcuts makes working in any software feel much quicker and more natural. We point out useful shortcuts throughout our courses and encourage students to use them.

We've created a cheat sheet designed for classroom use that you can print or laminate. We hope your students find it as useful as we do! You can download the PDF by clicking the button below.

Download Here
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