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Scaling CAD Success Across a 34 School Trust with Fabrio

Fabrio has been a game-changer for our trust. It's allowed us to standardize our approach to CAD and give our staff the confidence they need to truly empower students.
Blog author

Drew Wicken

Director of Design Technology

Blog author

Co-op Academies Trust

Design Technology Department

Drew Wicken is the Director of Design Technology for a trust with 34 schools and thousands of students, a number that keeps growing every day. He oversees hundreds of staff members, many of whom are teachers, and he has seen firsthand the challenges of teaching CAD in this environment. He explains that there's inconsistency in how CAD is taught, with some teachers opting for a hands-off approach while others continue to use traditional resources like worksheets and exercise books.


Teaching CAD consistently across the trust is difficult. Some teachers lack confidence and leave students to learn the software on their own. Traditional resources like worksheets can leave students frustrated when encountering errors not covered.


Implementing Fabrio has helped standardize teaching practices and given teachers confidence in their approach to CAD. The platform's ease of use has enabled both staff and students to quickly understand the software's capabilities and get to grips with the course materials.


  1. Seamless Learning: Fabrio provides a comprehensive, digital learning environment that complements traditional resources. Students can access detailed tutorials, practice exercises, and support materials anytime, anywhere, enhancing their understanding and skill development.
  2. Improved Student Outcomes: Students have become more confident in their ability to use CAD software and produce high-quality work. Drew has been particularly impressed by the results at one academy, where students have successfully completed independent CAD projects, surpassing his initial expectations.
  3. Increased Staff Confidence: By providing a clear, consistent framework for CAD instruction, Fabrio has empowered teachers to feel more confident in their abilities, leading to a more engaging and effective learning environment.

Drew's story is a testament to the power of Fabrio in revolutionizing CAD education. He emphasizes the platform's effectiveness in boosting student confidence and engagement, resulting in significantly improved learning outcomes.