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Fabrio helps students progress faster

Students work through our interactive courses and challenges independently, and we provide feedback in real time, all without leaving the CAD software. This helps to build confidence, allowing students to progress faster, without pressuring other students to move forward if they’re not comfortable.

Gone are the days where learning CAD was boring and time consuming.

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Empowering students to learn independently

Never Mark Again

Fabrio verifies student progress and attainment and displays all of this data to you in an intuitive dashboard. We check all of the students' files, saving you hundreds of student emails with CAD files, and you looking through them one at a time.

Engaging Curriculum

Fabrio’s curriculum has been designed by students for students, and supports students to quickly build up their skills. It’s designed to exceed the National Curriculum, Autodesk Certification and hit the Gatsby Benchmarks.

We also offer the option of creating custom courses, specific to your modules, exclusivly for your institution.

Tracks Progress

Our dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of your students’ progress, all thanks to our real-time marking. Whether completed in the classroom, remotely or for homework, you get the exact same insight into your students’ needs.

Inclusive Learning Styles

Fabrio has designed from the ground up to help each individual student excel, from our courses’ layout, writing style and visual cues, we have taken care to be inclusive to everyone. This even extends to more group-based projects

Students can work through our courses both inside and outside the classroom, and aren't just limited to class hours to ask for help


Why Fabrio?

  • Fully Funded Autodesk Workshop

    Fabrio provides on-site workshops to get you up to speed with Fusion 360, and Fabrio, authorised and funded by Autodesk.

  • Ready-Made Curriculum

    It’s as simple as assigning our courses to your students. There’s no need to trawl through out-of-date YouTube videos and articles to try and come up with your own.

  • Never Mark Again

    Fabrio's real time marking is ideal for both Formative and Summative assesments, there's no need to look at individual files for each of your students to assess them.

  • Inside and Outside the Classroom

    Students using Fabrio progress faster than traditional teaching methods bith in and out of the classroom.

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