Getting Started


Getting started with Fabrio is simple, remember to follow the correct instructions for your situation, as the installation is different for a school and individual hobbyists.

1. Installing Autodesk Fusion 360

Schools & Teachers

There are two aspects to installing Fusion 360; there is both a verification process and an installation process. These two processes need to be completed independently, and both are necessary. Firstly, start with verification, which will automatically open up access to installation options.

Firstly, every student and educator needs to be verified every 12 months to access software for free. This might mean being verified for the first time, or re-verifying after 1 year.

  • Option 1: Verifying as an individual: To become verified, you should direct everyone to Scrolling down to ‘Confirm your eligibility, unlock your access’ – will start the verification process. Every student will require proof of their status, e.g. a letter from their school stating they’re enrolled in the current academic year.

  • Option 2: Verifying up to 125 students: This is available to teachers (not network admins) once they have already completed Option 1 themselves. Once verified, they are able to add up to 125 users. Using the student email addresses, you can verify the student who will receive an email. They will not have to go through the verification process and can access software immediately.


If you are a student and your school does not currently use Fusion 360 you can apply for an individual education account through this link- See Here

As a student, you will need to verify your educational status and then download Fusion 360.


The verification process is done by an external company NOT Autodesk themselves, therefore it is important to upload the correct information to get verified as quickly as possible - See Here

examples of preferred verification documents

Installation Process

Once verified, teachers can give access to their Network Administrators to install Fusion 360 across the entire school network. This can be done through what Autodesk calls ‘Lab Install’. This webpage has all of the links and information your network administrator will need to install Fusion 360- See Here

Useful tips:

  • Do NOT create an account from within Fusion 360. This is NOT an education account and will cause 30-day trial confusion.

  • After the verification has taken place, you still don’t have automatic access to any products. After verification, you MUST ‘get products and select the product you require. In this case, Fusion 360.


If you are not a student or teacher, you can download the Personal/Hobby license for Fusion 360, do NOT make a free trial account when you can get simply apply for the hobbyist access. The free trial limits your account to a 30-day trial and only has basic functionality. - See Here

2. Connecting with Fabrio

Once Fusion 360 has been successfully installed on your network, the next step is to install the Fabrio Add-In. The Fabrio Add-In is crucial to install if you want to get the best possible experience from Fabrio. This includes users being able to mark their work via Smart Check, and their progress data being relayed to their or their educator's dashboard. The Fabrio Add-In is also where you can access CAD Assist .

We recommend that everyone use the Fusion 360 App Store to install Fabrio. This means that when we update the Add-In each user will be notified when they open Fusion 360 that a newer version is available. If you are a network administrator and require another format to install across multiple machines, get in touch with us.

What's next?

  • Now that you're all set up, you can test Fabrio and Fusion 360 together.

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