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Our Story

While Jay, the Fabrio founder, was studying engineering at university he was given stacks of PDF documents to work through and offered little teacher input and guidance. This made learning CAD complicated, and their tutors were equally disadvantaged by the system. Their tutors struggled to track student development and progress, as going through hundreds of individual PDFs was time consuming and ineffective. Anirudh and Evander share similar experiences of STEAM education, and both share Jay’s vision of transforming CAD teaching.

Their experience of detached and outdated teaching methods led them to find a solution. They built Fabrio.

What we do

We are an edtech platform, democratising STEAM and bringing it into the 21st Century.

We provide interactive CAD courses, designed from the ground up, to reduce teacher intervention and promote independent learning. We are the first edtech platform to integrate into industry level software and assess students as they work through the courses. Fabrio has been designed with both the student and the teacher in mind.

Fabrio has been designed with both the student and the teacher in mind.

STEM Education For Everyone

Who's behind Fabrio?

Jay, Fabrio's CEO, stands against a bright blue sky and is wearing a white hoodie

Jay Sahnan


Jay has a background in engineering, with a BEng in Aerospace Engineering. Prior to developing Fabrio, Jay worked as a Director of the National 3D Printing Society (N3DPS) and a volunteer reserve officer in the RAF.

He's passionate about improving the quality of STEM education and saw the need for a platform like Fabrio based on his own experiences.

Ani, Fabrio's COO, stands against a bright blue sky in a brown tshirt.

Anirudh Vadiyampeta


Anirudh is an economics and finance student, who previously worked as the Outreach Lead and Head of Certification at the National 3D Printing Society - where he met Jay. His work and contributions at the N3DPS led them to be one of the first organisations in the UK to receive a CE certificate.

During his own studies, Anirudh has recognised the need for innovation in the teaching of STEM and more advanced resources.

Ev, Fabrio's CTO, wears a green and blue jacket and is smiling.

Evander Turner


Evander is a keen problem-solver and expert in writing code, with a BSc in Mathematics. He shares Fabrio's vision of making STEM more accessible.

Prior to joining Fabrio, Evander was the Secretary of the Powerlifting Society at his university.